The financial services industry has changed dramatically in the past three decades, driven by rapidly-expanding technologies and the business community’s corresponding appetite for accurate and plentiful information. Since 1985, Roquemore has taken pride in leading the skip tracing industry through effective integration of a broad range of technologies: early adoption of relational database development, internet search methodologies and meaningful business intelligence through data analysis.

The continued development of our state of the art case management system keeps Roquemore’s collection performance higher than any other company.

Today, our client technologies remain simple, seamless, and secure. Single System Solution is an internal, user-friendly platform of shared technologies. It includes a suite of interrelated programs, each intended to stand alone in application but each designed to integrate for a consistently successful outcome.



The internal system used by our skiptracers, staff, and management.



The client interface program that provides continual, transparent oversight of activities.



The 24/7 continual search for changes in a Borrower’s electronic footprint.